For those who are new to Health and Social Care we offer an intensive two week “Introduction to Health and Social Care”, this ten day course has been meticulously formulated experienced Health and Social professionals to provide a broad understanding of the principles of care and includes the mandatory training certificates. This course is a mix of theory and practical work, and involves the active participation of all students.

Course Content
•  An understanding of the elements of Health & Social Care
•  The different categories of Social Care
•  The Rights of the Individual
•  Confidentiality
•  Recording and Reporting
•  Personal Care & Hygiene
•  Pressure Area Care
•  Incontinence Care
•  Moving and Handling
•  Fire Safety
•  Infection Control
•  Food Hygiene

It is compulsory that you attend each day due to the structure of the course. You will be assessed via a written examination and a supervised placement.
Introductory course