Healthcare Assistants
Healthcare Assistants, also known as auxiliary nurses can work within hospital or community settings. Generally you will work under the guidance of a qualified Healthcare professionals such as a qualified nurses or Specialized Healthcare professionals such as Midwifes or alongside Healthcare Scientists like Audiologists.

General HCA/ Auxiliary duties include:
•  Washing and dressing
•  Feeding (Peg)
•  Helping people to mobilise
•  Toileting
•  Monitoring patients’ condition by taking temperatures, pulse, blood pressure etc.

Clinical Support Workers
Clinical Support Workers, who are sometimes known as Therapy Assistants work under the supervision of qualified allied Health professionals such as physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists etc. Working in clinical environments may inspire you to qualify in new areas of interest to improve your skills and abilities within the clinical teams.

Clinical Support Worker duties include:
•  Preparation of patient for their therapy
•  Setting-up equipment
•  Assisting the therapist in the treatment
•  Contributing to record keeping

Clinical Support Worker Nursing (Community)
Patients in the community including older people, people with physical disabilities people with sensory impairment, people with terminal illness, people with dementia, people with mental health problems, in clinics and intermediate care.