Working in a Care Home environment offers diversity of choice depending on the client group you choose to work with. Some staff prefer working in this environment because the hours tend to be regular. We would suggest you work between the sectors of Homecare and Care Homes to give you a wide range of experience and skills practice. Both sectors require a similar skills set which can be exercised through consistent interaction with the client groups.

Residential care is often the best solution for people who, because of age or disabilities, are no longer able to cope in their own homes. Or sometimes people may need short spells away from their own homes in respite care. Residential care staff work as part of a team, to create safe, clean and cheerful environments, where people can live in comfort and are treated with dignity.

Care Homes generally fall into three catergories:

Elderly Care

Mental Health

Learning Disability

" Working in Social Care allows me to help people to live more fulfilling lives."
   S. Davy, Support Worker, London
Care Homes