All Social Care jobs have several important things in common. They all involve helping people live their lives. People who have physical or psychological problems often require practical help coping with the everyday business of living. Social Care workers provide this practical support. It is this which leads to a sense of job satisfaction which is unique to Social Care.

The work also offers a level of flexibility that means it can fit in around your other commitments. There are many part-time jobs, as well as full-time work, and many positions are outside the typical nine-to-five.

Your attitude and life experiences are often more important than formal qualifications in Social Care work, as you will be given the support you need when you start and further on-the-job training as you become more experienced.

If you do decide Social Care is for you, you need to think about who you want to work with and where you want to work. Broadly speaking, you can choose to work with:

•  Elderly people
•  People with physical disabilities
•  People with mental health problems
•  People with a learning disability

Social Care – a fulfilling job, helping others
Essential Care aims to offer clients consistency and quality of service. To achieve this we rely upon building a strong efficient staffing team who enjoy the work and are motivated to go that ‘extra mile’ to deliver a quality service.

When working in Homecare you are not only supporting clients to take care of the essentials for daily living, you can end up being the lifeline for someone. This takes a certain type of person. If you are that person, please attach your CV and email it to us through the JOBS link.

Personal Assistant
A new role in social care is that of the Personal Assistant. They work on a one-to-one basis with a person to provide whatever support they need. Helping people to gain control of their own lives is the key to helping them live independently. There is a wide variety of roles available under the title of Personal Assistant, as duties will depend on the care plan of the individual being cared for.

Community work with adults
In every community there are people who, for a variety of reasons, find day-to-day living a real challenge. Social Care workers form very close partnerships with these people to provide practical support that helps them lead fuller, more independent lives, in spite of the special difficulties they face.

L Edwards, Support Worker, London

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