CV writing tips

This section is designed to give you practical tips on writing your CV.You have one minute to capture the interest of your potential employer. Employers have limited time to read, so they skim and glance at CV’s, therefore follow guidance below and produce a dynamic and punchy first impression.

Essential People will often give you a copy of the job description and job specification. Read it and use it to target the key areas of importance.

• Make it look clean and precise – Use a simple font and use a modern format. Copy the format of a CV that you like.

• Personal details – Name, home address, phone/mobile number, email address, DOB,

• Personal profile – This is a personal statement highlighting your key skills and attributes which will be attractive to your potential employer. You need to capture their interest with this statement.

• Educational history
– List your educational history starting with your most recent attainment. Do not put mandatory courses in this section, only professional courses undertaken. If you are applying for a professional position, link specialist areas of study to the job description if relevant, eg dissertation/thesis or modular works.

• Work experience – Include all working history leaving no gaps of time. Put in chronological order starting with the most recent first. Give the name of your employer, Job title and duration of the job. Include what your role involved and demonstrate what you achieved. Link key skills to the Job description. Eg, leadership skills or team work.

• Interests – Use this section to express your personal interests and show what a well-rounded person you are. Put in your sporting interests, hobbies and general areas of interests. Sometimes and Employer is looking for people who are not just run of the mill. Your interests demonstrate your discipline and motivation in life. Don’t underestimate this section. Equally, don’t overdo it. You must be able to discuss in some detail your interests.

• Attributes – Put key points in here. Perhaps in bullet points, eg Drivers License (clean), Mulit- lingual – French, Yoruba,

• References – Provide two professional references and one from your place of study (If relevant). Always provide their reliable contact and fax number and email address.